Ring Sizing Guide

One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘What is my ring size?’ Here is our online guide to finding the right ring size, complete with free downloadable sizing charts and top tips. Finding that perfect fit is crucial for any ring, especially engagement rings and wedding rings. Our guide on how to measure your ring size is designed to help women and men find the correct ring size for them.

For Yourself

Measure a Current Ring For Size

  • Make sure you select a ring that sits comfortably on the finger you want your new ring to sit.
  • Check the inside of the ring band. Occasionally, rings will have inscriptions of the size.
  • If you know your European or American ring size, reference our ring size conversion chart to find the UK equivalent size.
  • Place the ring over our easy to use, printable ring sizing guide, available to download here. The ring’s internal diameter should match the sizes on the chart, if it appears in between sizes, then it is highly likely you require a half size. In this case, add a ? to the smaller of the two sizes it falls between.

Without a Suitable Ring - Measure Finger

  • Download our simple ring sizing guide?document, and follow the step-by-step instructions to use the cut out finger sizer for an accurate measurement. Whilst we are confident that our ring sizing guide will be valuable in helping to find your perfect size, please remember that the ring sizing guide tool should only be used as an estimate, and is not a professional measurement.
  • Ensure that the sizing guide is snug on the finger, and not too tight. Also remember that the ring will have to slide over the knuckles comfortably.
  • Do not measure your finger size when you are cold. Cold temperatures can cause hands to shrink and so your measurement would be up to half a size smaller.
  • Measure at least three times to eliminate any mistaken measurements.
  • The evening is the best time of day to measure your finger, as this is when they are at their largest.?

For Your Partner?

Finding the ring size of your partner is often very difficult, especially if it is for a surprise. Here is our advice for discreetly finding their ring size for that special gift:

  • Reach out to family and friends. It is likely that they will be able to advise on ring size if they have bought jewellery with them in the past. If not, they may be able to acquire the information in a more subtle way.
  • Have a look at the jewellery they regularly wear. If possible, try and obtain one of the rings that fit them without them noticing. Then, the ring can be measured using our downloadable ring sizing guide. Be mindful that different fingers will be different sizes, however any ring that fits will provide you with a guide for their size.
  • If in doubt, go for the larger size. The British Diamond Company offer a free resizing service with all new purchases, and it is easier to go down a size than up.

Contact our team of jewellery and ring sizing specialists who?would be happy to assist with any ring sizing queries. Call us on?01335 453 453 or email us at sales@britishdiamondcompany.com.