Diamond Matching Pairs

What could be better than one diamond? A matching pair of diamonds of course! A perfect pair of diamonds is imperative for diamond studs, earrings and crossover rings. Whether your preference is for brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut or any other, our diamond experts are happy to help you find your perfect combination.

When examining loose diamonds to become pairs, a jeweller must bear in mind not only the size of each stone, but the proportions. Geometric cuts such as princess and emerald cut diamonds can have vastly different ratios between the width and the length of the stone and so a shape match is of the highest importance.

The colour of the pair of diamonds must also be as close as possible. The easiest way to check this is to reference any certification with the stones. If there is no certification, our diamond specialists with years of experience can advise the stones that would match. Remember diamond colour grading is a sliding scale, so a good match for colour ‘face up’ is the desired effect.

Finally, the clarity of the pair of diamonds must be similar. If the diamonds are of VS2 clarity and above, they will appear clean to the unaided eye, particularly when worn as earrings. The British Diamond Company takes care to match diamond earrings precisely for clarity, so that both appear equally as brilliant when worn.

For further information on finding matching pairs of diamond for earrings, be sure to contact our team of diamond experts on 01335 453 453 or email sales@britishdiamondcompany.com.