Diamond Education

Formed deep under the Earth's surface under intense pressure and temperature, diamonds are the hardest known?natural material on earth. Their hardness means that diamonds can retain their polish and shine for far longer than other gemstones, making them the perfect choice for engagement and wedding jewellery, worn every day.?The?gemstones are not only sought after for their hardness, but also for their unique fire and brilliance, which gives them truly beautiful lustre.

The popular use of diamonds in engagement rings surged in the 1940's after De Beers Mining Company, one of the most powerful and influential companies in the diamond trade, developed the slogan 'A diamond is forever' in 1947. The continued tradition of using white diamonds in engagement and wedding jewellery carries this slogan as a sentiment to this day. Diamonds are now the most popular choice of gemstone in engagement jewellery.

When purchasing a diamond, it is fundamentally important to consider the 4 C's in order to select the perfect diamond for you. The four C's are the main characteristics which are assessed to determine a diamond's overall quality and value. They are:

  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Carat Weight

?The 4 C's are internationally recognised as the main grading criteria, so you can purchase diamonds from anywhere in the world with confidence in this system. A diamond's cut, colour, and clarity all contribute directly to its visual qualities, such as its fire and brilliance, and so we recommend prioritising these factors over carat weight, in order to get the best quality diamond for your budget.

Diamond certificates, or diamond grading reports,?are documents created by official diamond laboratories that denote the quality and characteristics of a diamond. We only work with trusted international diamond?laboratories, including the GIA, HRD, and IGI.

Browse our Diamond information page,?Diamond Grading page, and?Diamond Buying Guide, for more in information on diamonds. Find a stunning selection of ethically sourced diamond jewellery available to order online today with interest free finance and free next day delivery.?