Coloured Diamonds

A fancy coloured diamond is a diamond that has a noticeable and attractive body colour. Fancy coloured diamonds are valued for the rarity, desirability and depth of their colour. A whole spectrum of colour can occur in diamonds, from yellow diamonds, to pink diamonds, to blue diamonds.

Most diamonds are coloured by the presence of trace elements within their crystal structure whilst forming, and occasionally by the environment in which they are formed.

Yellow Diamonds

The most common of the colouring elements within diamonds is nitrogen. Single atoms or small groups of nitrogen atoms in the structure of the diamond crystal can cause a yellow to orange colour. This colour can range from the canary yellow, to a pale lemon, to an orange diamond.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are very highly valued. Naturally, they are caused by the presence of single boron atoms within the diamond crystal structure. Uniquely, diamonds with the single boron atom can also conduct electricity due to this impurity, but the most obvious feature is a blue body colour which can have also have grey to green tones.

Pink Diamonds

It is believed that pink diamonds are formed from directional pressure on the diamond crystal when it is forming. At high temperatures deep beneath the Earth’s surface, this continued pressure causes a dislocation of the crystal structure. It is this alteration of the crystal structure, coupled with a build up of impurities from the earth that produces a pink body colour.

Green Diamonds

Natural Green diamonds are formed as a result of natural radiation during crystal growth. However, diamonds with a distinct green body colour are incredibly rare as the radiation is often residual and only affects the outer ‘skin’ of the diamond crystal that is subsequently be polished off. The Dresden Green Diamond is a stunning example of a green diamond, weighing an impressive 41 carats!

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds have been a popular alternative to diamond engagement rings. These mysterious, lustrous and fascinating stones are caused by inclusions within the stone. These natural features prevent light from passing through the stone and cause the sharp black colour.

Brown Diamonds

Brown diamonds have also been described as ‘chocolate’ diamonds and ‘champagne’ diamonds. This brown colour is caused by shear pressure upon the growing diamond crystal, leading to a build up of impurities within the stone and resulting in a brown colour.

Sourcing a fancy coloured diamond is a more complex process than a white diamond. Within the colour categories exist many variations on hue, tone and saturation. Contact our team of diamond jewellery specialists on 01335 453 453 or further information on fancy coloured diamonds.